Professionalism in the service of your perfect hairstyle: The Heiszler Method

What is the Heiszler Method?

In hairdressing salons, the creation of a hairstyle usually consists of 2 steps:
booking + the process itself. We divided it to 4 steps, because over a decade of experience and thousands of clients it became obvious that this is the key to attain the perfect result and exclusive client experience.

In our salon, not only do you get a hairstyle and colour, but also a way more confident look, and a client-centred service that is 100% focused on you. A true lifestyle!

What you might not have known before: this is how your dream hairstyle is made

4 steps to a „Perfect Hair lifestyle”

Booking. For convenience and flexibility, it is possible to make an appointment via our online booking system and by phone.

  1. This is followed by a CONSULTATION, a professionally significant step. Do we meet the first time? Do you need any major technical procedure or hair colour change? Unsure which haircut suits you best? At the consultation, our hairstylists give personal help, and advice if needed in order to make a decision you won’t regret later on.

The price is also discussed here: you will be given an EXACT calculation in advance, so when you come to us, you will not be surprised when paying at the reception.

  1. For true professional hairstylists not only is it essential to do excellent work but it is also crucial for them to be perfectly attuned to the client. It is essential to see the whole picture, the shape of the head, the skin tone, the eye colour, to have an impression of the client’s personality and to assess the client’s expectations from a professional point of view.
  2. The process itself. At Heiszler Salon client comfort is of utmost importance, as well as to leave the salon with a new hairstyle, great experience and a more harmonious overall look and state of mind. In our salon, everyone is 100% committed to their job. This professionalism manifests in our constant self-improvement and never-ending learning of trends, modern techniques and in their application. Moreover, we are all personally devoted to reach highest client satisfaction.

We never work by habit, but always attuned to our clients. This is key to the Method – in fact this is why it is called Heiszler Method.

  1. „There is life beyond the salon”: We provide help with home haircare. This step is key to know how to keep your hair salon-beautiful as long as possible! In our salon, we show how to apply haircare and hairstyling products ideal to your hair type, and you can also try them. You certainly don’t want to stand and sulk in front of the mirror two weeks after you have turned to a master stylist… However, no matter how professional high quality products we use or service we provide, beauty can only be maintained by following and applying our stylists’ recommendations for home haircare.


When stepping into a premium hair salon you reasonably expect more than the „basics”. You want to leave the salon looking wonderful and satisfied! This is what we strive for every day.

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