Our Team

Ivett Heiszler


I’ve been working as a hairdresser for 10 years, now as a master. I’ve had the opportunity to have a profession as it was imagined in my childhood. Only those who love their job can wake up and settle down with a smile on their face, as they are in the right place to do what they are fully competent in. The most important thing is the humble toward profession, which can be easily forgettable as the leader of the salon, but it must never be allowed. A smile or shine on a guest’s eye after rising up from the chair means everything. This is the reason why me and my colleagues are looking for the way, how we can satisfy our guests, so they will come back to us delightfully. I am working only with people who are on the same wavelength as me. I can proudly declare that I am lucky with my team.

The Team

Regina Kostyál 


I can honestly say I am one of those lucky people whos job is also their hobby and dream. I am extremely patient, I love creating and I am always open to learn new things and to change those I already know. Constant improvment is key and with that said I am always on the hunt for new possibilities and new chances to improve. I specialize in bridal and formal hairstyles, in which I feel the most creative and confident. I have worked with around a 100 brides in the past two years, my work has been shown in bridal magazines and in other photoshoots. I am looking forward to see all my known and all my new customers who are dreaming of beautiful hairstyles.

Fanni Engi


I feel lucky because my job is my hobby.
I love what I’m doing and I’m passionate about it.

I have lived in The UK and the USA the last 5years and I met a lot of different people and hair types. That’s why I’m confident about the new challenges.

I always want give the best service and experience for my clients so that’s why the constant development is very important for me.
Through a well chosen hairstyle you can express yourself, and I will help to find the perfect style for you.

If the good vibes and professionalism is important for you, I’m looking forward to seeing you!

“ Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
Nelson Mandela

ldikó Hosszú


I’ve finished as a hairdresser in 2006 with a lot of diligence and devotion. At the same year, I’ve started my own business, which lasted for six years. After this period I wanted to try out myself in another field of the business as a hairdresser. So in 2012, I decided to work at a five stars river-boat to improve my career. It was a huge experience and the satisfaction of my guests made me always proud.
After this, I had the opportunity to work in Malta for a while.
Then I moved to Budapest, and now I have the honor to work here, in the Heiszler Salon where I can do what I love, next to a professional hairdresser.

I’m waiting for my old and new guests with a lots of love!

László Ferenci


I began my career as a hairdresser in 2003, and since then I’ve been working on to get familiar with the latest professional and fashion trends. I worked on fashion weeks and events as head of the hairstyle and creative team, and also took part on advanced trainings on a regular basis.
In the meantime I always pay attention to the different needs of my clients, because I consider the most important thing in my work to make them satisfied with the results. Being a hairdresser is not just a profession for me, but also a creative process, where my work helps to create the best possible hairstyle according to my client’s individual needs and ideas.

Tamás Sárkány


I would say I am an ambitious, creative person who is not afraid of challenges and does precision work. I had to wait a lot until my dream came true to be a stylist, but finally in 2015 I got it in United Kingdom. After I came back home to Hungary and found my place in Heiszler Ivett’s hair salon where I can use all my knowledge. I believe to be a stylist is not just a job, but it is magic too. A wonderful hair can even change your life. If you would like to have a great experience, I am waiting for you.

Kinga Paréj


The hairdressing is art for me, because it has got infinite possibilities. My imagination can soar and I can create unique and especial hair-style. I was able to demonstrate this knowledge and dedication at Revlon Style Masters competition in 2017, where I have received the chance to express myself as artists and I could showcase my most creative work. I have won two prizes with my work.

I have won the Country Winner and Best Technique Award for the best stage design. I would like to develop my creativity not only in the world of competition and photography, but also in everyday life. My goal is to make so hairstyles that my guests will be satisfied with them. Therefore, the guests’ desires are the most important for me that they can get unique and individualized haircut with my assistance and creativity.

“We have to do our work with heart and soul and love.” – I believe in this motto.

In my opinion the guests feel when a hairdresser enjoys her work and creates as a sculptor. It is especially nice for me to make casual haircuts. I’m open to all innovations and novelty, I like the challenges.

Csáki Dalma


Are you looking for a creative expert? Then I’m the right hairstylist for you! I got my 9 years of experience abroad, so I can easily say, that I met with almost every kind of hair type. I have done many courses, trainings and I also participated in hair competitions. I live for the creative colours, shapes and I believe in precise work. I can guarantee, I will always have some new idea for you so that you will never get tired of your hair.

Anikó Deáki Mayer


Hi, my name is Aniko and I am a master hairstylist in Heiszler salon. I started my career as a hair stylist from the age of 17, since then I have learned and improved many techniques that I can use to create the perfect style and colour for my clients. When I finished the school at 2007 I moved to London, than I worked as a hairdresser and a past few years I focused on the hair coloration, and I studied every little secrets in the L’Oréal Academy. I am extremely passionate in all areas of hairdressing and I can imagine your total look before I begin, by cutting, styling and enhancing your colour we can achieve your desired look to keep you looking and feeling great. When I applying your roots colour, enhancing your natural gloss or illuminating your high lights / balayage, I am creating something special that will put a smile on your face when you walk out that door.