Services and prices

Our services: We never work from routine

While creating a new colour or hairstyle, next to the guest’s ideas, we attend to several things such as the shape of the head, face, style, characters, the “coloures” of the face, to make the result perfect. The appearance should be more harmonious and unified at departure than arrival.



The world of opportunities

Hairstyle for women (for men as well, but they are less keen to admit it) is not only a “tool”, but also a fashion for our faces that improves our personality. A great hairstyle can emphasize its owner’s personality well, or on the contrary it can also fade it. A good hairstyle is not only a matter of aesthetics, but an important part of our soul! Those hairdressers who can’t understand it well, might be great in business, but not in their profession. We want you to leave from Heiszler Salon delighted and revitalized by your new hairstyle! Having a wonderful hair not only gives us a good appearance, but it also makes us feel great!

Hair coloring

Extraordinary colours for everyday life

We have a great selection of 6 types of permanent colours, to suit everyone’s hair type, needs and lifestyle. All our permanent colours:

  • provide 100% grey hair coverage
  • are free of ammonia
  • work rapidly
  • are full of nutrition that builds into the structure of the hair alongside with the pigments and keeps your hair nourished for weeks.

We provide individual hair analysis and give personal consultation in order to achieve the perfect tone for you. Our expert team has mastered the complicated colour theory so nothing can surprise us in this field. Hair colouring at home can dry and break your hair, and the truth is, that it rarely brings the “promised” results. The reason for it is that every hair is different but the product is the same for all. You need to know that removing and correcting the home-made colour is a really challenging and difficult task even for experienced hairdressers. You could avoid frustration by trusting your hairdresser to find and create the best tone for you, rather than trying to do your hair colouring on budget.

Hair care 

Individualized hair care

There is life after your salon experience!

We wish you to celebrate your hair style every day! We believe that clients and hairdressers can be partners. You shouldn’t just have a new hair for a day or two, but your new hair should bring confidence and joy to your life. This is why we are here. We listen to you. We encourage you to discuss any concerns, raise any questions regarding to your hair rituals, care or hairstyling. We can advise the appropriate care and product for everyone individually. It makes our clients trust and relies on our expert advise so they can enjoy the new knowledge about their hair.





Women’s haircut with Kérastase haircare
from 10 800 HUF
Blowdry with Kérastase haircare
from 4 800 HUF
Men’s haircut from 5 600 HUF



Women’s haircut with Kérastase haircare
from 9 800 HUF
Blowdry with Kérastase haircare
from 5 500 HUF
Men’s haircut
from 5 200 HUF


Női hajvágás Kérastase hajápolással
from 8 800 HUF
Blowdry with Kérastase haircare
from 4 900 HUF
Men’s haircut
from 4 800 HUF


Machine cut
from 3 500 HUF
Cover 5 (5 minute gery hair fading especially for men)
from 4 300 HUF
Menyasszonyi, alkalmi frizura
19 800 HUF
Menyasszonyi, alkalmi próbafrizura (tartalmazza két féle próbafrizura vázlatos elkészítését)
19 800 HUF
Hajfestés hajszárítással
from 16 000 HUF
Ombre/Balayage/Babylights (doesn’t include the root colouring)
from 28 000 HUF

The prices for colouring are only informative, depending on the hairdresser and the amount of the colour. For an exact price, we ask you to come in for a private consultation. With the help of the hairdresser you can choose from all types of Kérastase hair and scalp regenerating therapies.

  • Dear clients, if you would like to cancel your appointment or to make any changes please do it 48 hours before your appointment.
  • We kindly ask you not to arrive 10 minutes later than your appointment to be able to keep up with our timings and not to make other clients wait.
  • You will receive an automated e-mail with the details of your booking – please make sure everything is correct.
  • The price of hair coloring and hair color changing is only for information. It will depend on your hairstyle, the amount of material used and on the hairdresser’s expertise opinion. You will get the exact price after your consultation.
  • If you have any complaints of our service or you would like to share your opinion with us you can do it within 7 days.